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Masterlist of Immigrant Newspapers

This is a list of all the immigrant newspapers actually written in a Nordic language, published in the PNW. If you know of where you can read these online, or where you can order reproductions of them, or if you know of any more titles — please let me know!

Note that in Swedish etc. only the first word of a (newspaper, book...) title is capitalized, but I capitalized them here because that's probably how you'll find them written about in English sources.

Microfilm format:

Supposedly you can borrow these from literally any US library "....via the Augustana College Interlibrary Loan Department, OCLC code "ICY." Please supply your library the following information: 1. Title of the newspaper. 2. The specific years you need for your research (note that some titles cover several decades and may be contained on several microfilms)".

Calgary/Winnipeg, Canada:
Swedish - Canada Härold.

Vancouver, Canada:
Swedish - Svenska Canada Kuriren; Svenska Pressen; Svenska Vancouver Posten

Astoria, Oregon:
Swedish - Astoria Rapport

Portland, Oregon:
Swedish - Oregon Posten

Bellingham, Washington:
Swedish - Nya Världen

Seattle, Washington:
Swedish - Svenska Journalen; Svenska Pacific Tribunen; Svenska Posten; Svenska Pressen (Swedish Pacific Press); Växtaren; Westerns Tribun

Seattle/Tacoma, Washington:
Swedish: Pacific Tribun; Westra Posten

Tacoma, Washington:

Norwegian - Western Viking (Vestkysten, Tacoma Tidende; a few issues here)
Swedish - Puget Sound Posten (a few issues here); Tacoma Posten; Tacoma Tribunen

Spokane, Washington:
Swedish - Svenska Nördvästern, Svenska Pressen

Other Formats or Unknown:

Everett, Washington:
Swedish — Svenska Socialisten
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