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pnw_nordic's Journal

Nordic History in the Pacific Northwest
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Nordic Immigrant History in the Pacific Northwest
Welcome! (Välkommen!) This comm is for writing about, asking about, etc. stuff to do with historical Nordic immigration in the Pacific Northwest. I originally intended it as a place where I could translate and post interesting tidbits from immigrant newspapers that I find, but anything goes.

For the purposes of this comm, "Nordics" is the modern-day:

— Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Finland, Åland

"Pacific Northwest" is in the broad definition (if you want to contest this, just let me know):
Western Canada, Washington state, Oregon; on a more minimal level, Idaho and Alaska.

"Historical" just means that I don't want to answer questions about "Hey I'm moving to Seattle next month so how do I find a Swedish food shop??".

You are allowed to write in a Nordic language.

You are allowed to ask for translations of newspapers, historical family letters, etc. but keep in mind that the mod can only translate from Icelandic, Faroese, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian — for Finnish, Sami or Greenlandic you'll have to hope that someone else can (at this point).